LiveVoice History & Management


Formed and managed as an affiliate company to TeleServices Direct, LiveVoice benefits from over 25 years of experience in training and managing customer care and sales support for major Fortune 50 brands.  LiveVoice has the resources and capital to utilize the best technology, equipment, redundancy, security and management, but LiveVoice is not a typical call center.  Nor is it a neighborhood answering service.

LiveVoice is a boutique phone support service with a specific focus on our agents, our culture and our clients.

We hire ONLY the very best agents. We pay a higher wage to get the absolute cream of the crop.
We focus on our CULTURE and our agent’s HAPPINESS.  Because who wants to speak to anyone who does not LOVE their job.
We train and test our agents vigorously. Because our clients are paying us to be knowledgeable and helpful, not just answer the phone.

Anyone can take a call – our agents handle the call. They understand that they are an extension of your company and that LiveVoice represents YOUR business.

We are HIPAA compliant. We are PCI DSS Level 1 Certified.