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Is An Answering Service Right For You?

Have you ever wondered if using an answering service is the right step for you to take for your company? Consider the following questions to help guide you in the right direction:

Are You Sometimes Away From the Phone?

When you’re unable to answer your telephone, what happens? Answering machines are old school and send the wrong message to your callers and customers. Voicemail, while newer technology, is precisely the response people dread the most. Don’t subject important calls to an impersonal machine. And you’d never dream of letting calls go unanswered or taking the phone off the hook to give a busy signal.

The ideal solution when you can’t answer your phone is a telephone answering service. Real people can answer your calls when you can’t. They’ll provide a positive, professional image to set you apart and delight customers.

How Often Are You Not Able to Answer Important Phone Calls?

Every day businesses miss opportunities because of a lost phone message or a delayed delivery. Maybe your coworker jots a message on a piece of scrap paper and then loses the note. Perhaps someone misplaced the message on a cluttered desk. Or maybe someone intended to remember your important message but forgot it when they saw you.

An answering service resolves all of these problems. Easy-to-read messages with the information you need, delivered to you the way you want, when and how you want.

Does the Ringing Phone Sometimes Interrupt Something More Important?

We all face distractions as we try to work. While phone calls are important and can represent new business, they sometimes interrupt us from even more important work. Having a ringing phone disturb deep concentration can ruin our thought process and stymie progress. Sometimes we never regain those thoughts that a ringing telephone sends scattering.

Imagine being able to keep interruptions at bay by blocking out time to focus on key projects that will grow your business or generate revenue. Imagine the freedom you can realize by having an answering service on standby to take your phone calls so you can maximize your effectiveness.

Is Providing Quality Service Important to You?

Businesses say quality is important, but what are they doing about it? One critical component of service quality is communication excellence. That’s what telephone answering services do: provide quality communications. Answering services hire carefully selected staff and train them meticulously to answer your phone. Quality is their job one. And that quality favorably influences your customers when they call. If you want to provide quality service, start with your phone. Start with an answering service.

Do You Want to Project a Positive Image For Your Company?

What image do you want your customers and callers to have of your business? Certainly you desire to send a positive message, to make a good first impression. Often that first impression happens when they call your company. Give callers a good first impression when you have an answering service answer your calls, personally and professionally. Don’t subject callers to infuriating technology or distracted staff who are only half focused on the caller. Let an answering service send the image you want and make a great first impression.


How did you answer these questions? If you said yes to even one question, an answering service has what you need to take your business to the next level. If you said yes to two or three of these questions, there’s no doubt you need an answering service. And if you said yes to four or five of these questions, you should have already acted.

Don’t delay another day. Start using an answering service today and make for a better tomorrow.

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Peter DeHaan, PhD, is a freelance writer, call center authority, and publisher of Connections Magazine, which covers the call center industry.