How to Forward ALL Calls – Bright House / Spectrum

How do I activate Call Forwarding (*72)?

Call Forwarding enables you to redirect calls to another number. You can direct all your calls to another number (Unconditional Call Forwarding), or you can specify only certain phone numbers to forward to another number (Selective Call Forwarding).

You can manage Call Forwarding:

From your phone.

Using your My Services account.

You can manage Selective Call Forwarding only with your My Services account.

Activating Call Forwarding (*72) from your phone for all calls

Pick up your phone and press *72. Listen for stutter tone (a series of short beeps).

When the stutter tone begins, enter the ten-digit area code and phone number to which you want calls forwarded, and wait for the confirmation tone. After the confirmation tone, the system automatically places a courtesy call to the phone number you dialed. If the call is answered or the voice mail at that number answers the courtesy call, the feature is activated.

  • A confirmation tone indicates successful activation.
  • If the number you dialed is invalid, you will hear an error message or a busy signal.
  • You can attempt to forward the number again if it fails; this time add a 1before the area code when entering the forward-to number.
  • If no one answers the call and voice mail does not pick up, you cannot forward your calls to that number.

To cancel Call Forwarding from your home phone for all calls:

Press *73. Listen for the confirmation tone.