How to Forward ALL Calls – Shaw

To set up Call Forward:

  • Lift the receiver and dial * 7 2 .
  • When you hear the dial tone, dial the 10-digit number where you want your calls forwarded. If you subscribe to Voicemail   and want calls forwarded to your Voicemail, dial * 9 8 .
  • Once your call is answered, you will hear a confirmation tone and you can hang up. Call Forward is now in effect.
  • If the line is busy or no answer hang up. Repeat the initial steps ( * 7 2 , wait for normal dial tone and enter the same   forwarded to number), then hang up. Call forward is enabled.

To cancel Call Forward:

  • Lift the receiver and dial * 7 3 .
  • When you hear a series of beeps, this indicates Call Forward has been cancelled.
  • You can only cancel Call Forward from your own home phone or online at

While Call Forward is in effect:

  • You may still make calls from your phone.
  • Callers will receive a busy signal when the number that your calls   are forwarded to is busy.
  • Calls that are unanswered at the forwarded number will not route   to your Voicemail.
  • Call Waiting is inoperable. You will not receive a Call Waiting signal.
  • You will hear an announcement that “the feature is already successfully activated” if you try to set up Call Forward when it’s   already in operation.