How to Forward ALL Calls – XO Communications

Accessing Automatic Call Routing

OFM Home>Automatic Call Routing

A.  After you enter your location, use the Manage This Location navigation bar, and click on Automatic Call Routing to display the Automatic Call Routing section.

B.  Select Add Call Forward if you want to add a call forwarding number, or Call Forward Listing if you want to edit or delete an existing call forwarding number.

The ACR Wizard will help you set up the feature using easy steps.

Add New Call Forwards

To set up a new Automatic Call Routing number, use the ACR Wizard to Add New Call Forwards.

A.  Enter the Call Forward name and number. The Call Forward Number is the number to which you wish to forward calls during an outage situation.

In many situations, this number is not a number that is associated with your

office location. International numbers, and special use numbers such as

911, are not permitted.

Note: Remember to Save Changes

Configure a New Call Forward

  1. Review the list of phone numbers associated with the location and either

Add or Remove them from being forwarded to the ACR number.


The phone numbers shown in bold are currently participating in a Call

Forward scheme. You can select one number, or several numbers whose

numbers will be forwarded in the event of an outage.

Note: Remember to Save Changes

C.  Review the changes you’ve made. Then, select Confirm & Submit to confirm your changes.