How to Forward ALL Calls – Grasshopper

How to Set Up Call Forwarding

Once you add your extension, you can activate call forwarding. You’ll see a button to “Add a forwarding number.” Just type in the number you want calls forwarded to. You can add up to six forwarding numbers per extension.

Now you can decide how Grasshopper should announce calls to this number and when to forward and not to forward to it. If you add more than one forwarding number, you can designate the order to call them and how long to keep trying if you don’t pick up.

Once you’re all set up, you can choose the on-hold music your callers will hear from Grasshopper’s library or record your own commercial.

How do I disable call forwarding?

Disabling one particular number or call forwarding in general is as easy as logging into your account and changing the forward setting to “Off.” You’ll also see an option to delete the number from call forwarding.